Thursday, May 29, 2008


You guys were right, a Harry Potter scarf!

It's going to a cousin for her 12th birthday. I know it's going to be summer, but I'm hoping she'll like it so much that she won't mind waiting 4 months to wear it :) It's crocheted in this supercool stitch that I've decided is my favorite striped crochet scarf stitch. Sc, chain 1, sc, chain 1 across... then sc in the chain one space, chain one across. It makes for fasst crochet and it's not toooooo dense, like regular sc is. Loves it :)

I'm also working on a secret project for my little bro for his birthday. It's not until the end of July, but it's knitting, so I'm starting now. Now you see it...

Now you don't!

Pretty spiffy! And, this was a present for my big little brother. A case for his "baby". A Mac Book.

I made a chart with a cross-stitch program and then crocheted the chart in sc. He thinks it's super cool :)

Anyways, I'm using hubby's computer right now. Mine died. We took it to PC Nerds today, and hopefully it'll be fixed beginning of next week. I didn't know that you weren't supposed to use your laptop while sitting it on a pillow. Hmmm, can you say over-heat? Keep your fingers crossed!


Laura said...

Those are great projects, especially the laptop case! I had no idea you're such a talented knitter! One of these days I'm going to attempt to learn how to knit too.

Anonymous said...

Martha! I made a tag for your mom!! Would you be able to put it on your sidebar for her?? Anyone can copy it and put it on their's also!!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Just wanted you to know....a lot of gals in blog land are praying for your mom.
She would be so happy to read her comments today..... a lot of love out there in Blog land.
Your mom and I have not met yet but I live in Clovis too.
Please..Please.. if your family needs anything do not hesitate to contact me. You can e-mail me or even call. 559-250-3242. I do not know her address or else I would send, food whatever.
A blessing goes out to your whole family :)