Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Warming Gift

Hubby and I are going to dinner at a friends tonight. They just bought a new home, and I've figured out the perfect house warming gift (hopefully she doesn't read my blog before we head over!).

2 sets of dishcloths and the coolest handmade sponges! I didn't know you could crochet sponges! I added a couple of bottles of William's and Sonoma dishsoap and hand lotion in the meyer lemon and parsley scent. I'll get you ravel links and patterns when I come home tonight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Crocheted Purse

Look what I made...

Isn't she pretty? She's lined and everything!

I found the pattern on Ravelry. It's called Inga'a Haekelbeutel and you can ravel it here.
I followed the pattern with the following changes, the squares are a little different (square target from 200 crochet blocks), I only did 3 rounds of squares instead of 4 (and it's plenty big!) and I improvised the handles. It's perfect :) I want to make more!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikey!!!

It's my little, little bro's birthday tomorrow, but we partied today. Here's some pics from the party.

He loved the monkey and the "RAD" scarf. I didn't know people still said rad :) I had to get creative to get it to lay flat since it's acrylic yarn and you can't really block it. So, I backed it with glitter felt. That made it look even more *Harry Potterish*. Here are a few in progress picks...

If you're a raveler, you can find it here. What a great day, we had much fun.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Birthday Present

Isn't he cute? I made up my own pattern because I couldn't find one that I liked. I used a strand of red heart and a strand of fun fur held together to make him furry. He's cute, but man, was he a PAIN to make. That fun fur gets all tangled. I'm glad I decided to make him semi-small (about 7 inches tall) cause I think I would have pulled my hair out if I had to make him bigger. Tho, now that I think about it, maybe a bigger hook would be easier?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Done!!!

Yeah!!! I think it turned out purdy!

Log Cabin Inspired Throw
Ravel it here.
1 skein each of Coffee, Cafe, Cornmeal and Aran (with a little extra Cornmeal and Cafe) Red Heart Super Saver Econo (7oz each)
Size J Hook

I think if I make this again I'd use 5 colors and that would be the perfect amount of yarn. This one's almost 4 feet across, but I ran out of yarn, so that's as big as it's getting. Plus I'd go one or two more sets of stripes and it'd be a little bigger.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

I know I'm late, but happy 4th of July! We had a bbq last night and had tons of fun, lots of food, and plenty of fireworks. I have one question, tho...

Why do things like this have to happen?

Those are my yummy cherry tomatoes, all over my kitchen floor a split second after I opened my refrigerator door. If that wasn't enough, I then spent 45 minutes making jalapeƱo poppers (cut the peppers in half, take out all the seeds and white pith, fill them with cream cheese and then wrap them in bacon) that I in turn caught on fire in our bbq grill. Atleast some of us like very, very, very charred food. My mom-in-law believes that if you burn something on accident and then eat it, you'll get some $$$. I ate 5 :)

Speaking of my mom-in-law, she brought me these...

They're from her garden. Aren't they GORGEOUS??? My in-laws live on a ranch and grow almonds and grapes, so she has lots of space to grow beautiful flowers and yummy veggies. I have a bag of home grown tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in my kitchen that I forgot to take a picture of, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Yummy!!!

The log-cabin throw is growing, I'm really liking it. Might wanna keep it :)

I was given the Arte Y Pico award from my momma, and I guess this is my most recent art. Thanks momma! I guess I don't really consider it art, but maybe it is. When I hear art, I think paints, canvases and pastels... Monet and Van Gogh... and people in berets :) I guess I could start wearing a beret? Hehe...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is what hubby thinks...

Of my yarn piles. He makes one pile while he's cleaning :) I won't complain, because my hubby cleans, like, the whole house while I'm working. How could I complain? How many wives are lucky enough for that???

Anyways, we all got the stomach yuckies. I think it was from Taco Smell because hubby, me and my bro all ate the same thing and we all got sick. I'm finally feeling better today. I've been working on this recently.

You can ravel the pattern here, or get the pdf here. It's called the quilt inspired throw and reminds me of a log cabin quilt square. It's very simple and quick going. I did all of this in one sitting. When it's done, I'll give you guys all the details (yarn, hook, etc.). The hardest part was deciding where to put which colors because the original called for 8 different colors and I only wanted to use 4. The finished throw will be a wedding present to a friend of my brothers that I was pretty close to growing up. He and his fiance registered for just about everything (sheets, towels, etc.) in brown and yellow, so that's how I chose the colors. Now I have to get this and the little little bro's scarf done by the weekend of the 21st. Oui!