Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back!!!

Ok, finally feeling completely human. WooHoo! Here's what's been going on...

Yeah! The granny blanket is finally done! I finished it up last night and gave it a wash this morning. I know people talk down on red heart yarn, but I swear, it's soooooo soft after you've washed it and then tumbled it with a dryer sheet! Momma and I made this as a collaboration. She made most of the solid squares, except the green ones, which I did along with the multi-colored flower-middled ones. I also joined them all together with the white. I think it turned out about 48" square. Isn't it purty?

Yesterday, the mail-man brought me a present!

How'd she know that I like, no, that's a lie... love Josh Groban??? This is actually the only CD that I don't have of his, and I'm so anxious to listen to it. There was also a gorgeous hand knit washcloth, yummy coffee, beautiful baby alpaca yarn in a great orange color, some biscotti and chocolate (there was actually another bag, but it was ripped open and doesn't look so picture pretty). Thanks so much Cetta!!!

Remember this picture?

That was while the concrete guys were pouring the concrete on our back patio. This is what it looks like now.

We got an awesome deal on the patio furniture from Wal-Mart. A table, 4 cushioned chairs, 2 folding chairs and an end table for $199! So we bought 2 :) And the umbrella is 11 feet wide and it's absolutely perfect. We were wondering what we were going to do for shade because we put two tables up next to each other, so we couldn't put the umbrellas in them like normal. But the one we found hangs from the side. I'm also turning into a gardner. Like my herbs? And here's the cute little cherub that watches over everything.

It was finished just in time for my birthday party (I can't believe that was a month ago already). Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, and sorry I didn't feel well enough to thank you then!

We also spent mother's day on the newly finished patio. I wish we could celebrate mother's day every weekend. My momma deserves it! I know everyone says that they have the best mom in the whole world, but I really do. I hope that I'm half as strong, loving, creative, smart, etc., etc., etc. as she is! Love you momma!


She'sSewPretty said...

Awww...You made me cry! That blanket turned out sooooo pretty! We make a great team! Even though you did all the "pretty work"!!

Cetta said...

I'm SO glad you like everything! I try to turn everyone on to Josh Groban -- just dumb luck that you didn't have that one.

I just love the colors you chose in the blanket. It's gorgeous.

leslie said...

Your blanket is just plain gorgeous... I love it!!! Just beautiful spring colors.

Sudden said...

The blanket is so great...and so is the patio. Congratulations on its completion!

Laura said...

The blanket is beautiful! I love the flowered squares!

Your patio looks great! One of these days I'll get around to planting some vegetables on my sun porch. That is an awesome deal for the table and chair set!

Cindy said...

Love your colors and pattern! You and your Mom make a great team!

Oiyi said...

What a beautiful blanket! You make the best crochet blankets.

wahdidah said...

Hi! I read about your blog on Ravelry and have been reading ever since. I have a question and I hope you can help me out. Like you, I use mainly acrylic yarn. You said you washed your afghan before giving it to your granny. Growing up, my Mom and her best friend were big crocheters who taught me when I was very young. Washing a completed project was a big no-no if it was intended to be a gift. Per my Mom's friend, it wouldn't be presentable, it'd be too fuzzy. What do you think? I have lots of afghans for my own personal use, and I don't see this fuzziness until they're at least 10 yrs old and have multiple washings. I would love to wash a new afghan in a nicely scented detergent and fabric softener and present it all nice and clean to it's new owner. You've done it, so now I consider you the expert. What do you think? Sorry to ramble on and thanks in advance!