Monday, October 29, 2007

2 Weeks In Pics

I know I've slacked again, but I think I'll finally be on a regular schedule now! The last few weeks have been sooo busy with getting my house ready for our Halloween house-warming party, getting all situated with work and finishing a project for my 1st wedding anniversary... Here's the few weeks in pictures :)

Starting on the top right, that's my first attempt at painting. Why I decided to try that for hubby's first anniversary present, is beyond me. It seems to have turned out pretty good. Everyone else loves it, but you know how it is, I only see the parts that I don't like...

In the top middle is my lovely family at my house-warming.

The top right corner is my candy for the party. I think it was too pretty tho, cause no one ate any!

In the middle left space was some of the yummy food. Home-made cupcakes, mummy chocolate pretzel sticks and spinach dip... Not pictured was a huge veggie platter with 2 kinds of dips, chips and salsa, teryaki meatballs and little smokies and momma made pigs in a blanket (which everyone loved!)...

In the very middle is a pic of hubby and me. Can you guess what he's supposed to be?

The middle left spot is a pic of some of my guests, and all the food!

The bottom left spot is a pic of my crazy god-mother (isn't her costume great???) and my favorite house warming gift! Momma made me a crazy quilt for my office. She backed it with pink fleece... It's sooooo soft and warm, not to mention gorgeous!!!

The bottom middle is hubby, me, god-mother and her hubby and silly mommy and step daddy. And then another pic of the silly fam in the bottom right corner.

I promise to keep up better in November. It's my anniversary month and momma had an idea to have a whole wedding month. Fun!!!


She'sSewPretty said...

Very cool picture mosaic!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Great post, really enjoyed the fun way about it all!! Yummy food, great family pics, such fun! Love your painting too, it's happy, nice sunny colours! Have a great week! Jenn and Jacqui

Esther Sunday said...

I love you and your mom!!!!! Nice to see your catch up pics!!