Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summer and a Meme

I am so ready for summer to be over and it's only August, which means atleast another month of yucky 100+ temps... tttbbbbbbbbtttthhhhhh :P

Anyways, Momma tagged me for a meme, so here goes!

Four Jobs I've Done In My Life:
1. Nanny to 2
2. Daycare worker (the best birthcontrol... I'm telling you, work at one and you won't want to go home to anymore children!) and I love kids!!!
3. Basically every job in a hospital Health Information department, from a Legal Clerk to a transcriptionist to a chart analyst (yuck) to my current job...
4. Certified Coding Specialist, which is a really hard thing to explain to people, if you tell them you work with the hospital to get paid they think you're a brain-dead medical biller (and medical billers aren't brain dead, but lots of people think they are) and that's not it at all... I have to go through out-patient and in-patient records and decide which diagnoses and procedures in my ICD-9 and CPT code set which includes hundreds of thousands of codes that describes the encounter the way that the physician has documented it... I basically have to think like an MD, know the ins and outs of disease process and pathophisiology, and my job, along with the other CCSs out there, is to help make the hospital money and make sure that patient's are never overcharged for their health care. Accurately. So that in 7 years, the government (Medicare) doesn't come asking for their money back... The definition from the American Health Information Management Association explains it here. There's a word game that has to be played in the health care field... one word that an MD does or does not write down on your medical record could mean the difference of thousands of dollars. Crazy, huh?

Four Countries I've Been To:
1. United States
2. Mexico (Tulum... on my honeymoon) the pic to the left is our view from the balcony :)... maybe I'll do a whole post about our honeymoon some time... It was so unbelievable!

unfortunately, that's it, but 2 other places I really want to go before I die...
3. Greece
4. Italy

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1. I'm pretty happy sitting in my new house with hubby, but if I had to pick 3 other places...
2. Standing on the "Big Spin" stage with a million $$$ check in my hand
3. Anywhere with a pretty beach, the gulf of Mexico is so gorgeous
4. In San Fran (one of my all-time favorite cities, too!) with momma on a shopping spree at the warf

Four Foods I Like to Eat:
1. Chinese food... I think maybe I was Chinese in another life
2. Fettuccine Alfredo from Di Cicco's Italian Restaurant
3. I also, like momma, love cheesecake
4. Anything with peanut butter... Especially chocolate peanut butter ice cream... Mmmm...

Ok, now I have to tag 4 people... Ummm... Well, if you feel like being tagged, you're it!


Snapdragons said...

Oh, don't kid yourself, September is just as hot as August! The dog days, indeed. We've just moved into "summer II," where it's never ever pleasant outside.

She'sSewPretty said...

Your just so smart!! I am ready for summer to be over too! 104° is no fun!

Dy said...

I've never met another coder before - that used to be my job too, for five years! Here it's called a Morbidity Coder or Morbidity Classification Officer. I used ICD9CM but nowadays it's ICD10, so if I ever went back to it I think I'd have to retrain. I laughed when you say how hard it is to explain what your job is, I used to have the same problem!

Brigitta said...

oh my how can you say that LOL we're so glad that summer is starting at last over here, we've only had beautiful weather since last friday and according to the weather forecast it's already gonna change tomorrow :-( It has to be good on friday, it's my birthday and I want to party outside!!!