Monday, August 27, 2007

In Progress... And an Award!

Yeah! Another award! Riss, over here, so very kindly nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award... Thanks, Riss! You're pretty rockin' yourself, and I'm sooo happy that I can help you embrace your pink side. I used to hate pink, go figure, but now wish i could convince hubby he liked it as much as me. He did promise that if I find a work-at-home position, I can paint my office any color that I choose, and I think I'll be embracing my pink-side, too! Thanks again!

Here are a few in progress pics. First, the first "t" pillow is more than half-way done. I made a flap that will button to the back of the pillow and started the back in crazy stitch (dc, sc across, turn, sc in dc, dc in sc across) in the blue. I can't wait to finish and stuff it to see how it turns out!

And, here's part of a b-day present for a friend at work. I've heard about making crochet hook covers with fimo clay, but that bakes hard, and I thought squishy would be more comfortable... So, I used Crayola's model magic. I bought primary colors and then mixed them to make fushia, lime green, and then marbeled it all together with the white. They air-dryed over-night and they feel sooo good to crochet with! I think I'm going to have to make them for myself, too! The other thing I like is that it doesn't make the hook any heavier, they're still very light. I think the fimo might have been too heavy.

Tomorrow, I'll show you the other part of co-worker's gift... And a present for me, from mommy.


Amy Wagner said...

I love your hooks!!!!!! I use that model magic stuff a lot. It's great stuff. You had a great idea.

She'sSewPretty said...

Christy, I think you should make me a hook like that too. That is cool!

Riss said...

What a great idea!

And you're welcome for the award. Pink doesn't make me cringe anymore. I think its all a part of growing up and becoming more girly... If you'd have known me 6 or 7 years ago... I was a completely different person. All black, and blues, and browns... no pink. Pink was evil :P

Oiyi said...

Those crochet hooks are so cool! Nice job!

Mom2fur said...

The model magic clay hooks are a great idea! I bet they feel really those squishy pens!