Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Tag

Amy, at Abundant Curiosities, tagged me for another meme of sorts. Here's how it goes, tell your middle name and then associate something with each letter of your name with something about your life. I'm going to have lots to say, since my name is Christy Ann (thank goodness momma didn't decide on something like Elizabeth!). So, here goes...

C - Cambria, CA. My wedding photographer was awesome. As part of our package, we took our engagement pics on the beach in Cambria. Eventually, we can also go back and take more in my wedding dress... But we've been so busy, so I think it won't be til next year. It was such an awesome experience!
H - Home. I have a new one, and I've always loved being home, where ever that may be.
R - Red. Hubby and I both really love the color. Our house reflects that, I think almost every room has red in it.
I - Ice Cream. Blame my BF for this one. When we were in high-school, we would go to Von's (grocery store) just to buy ben 'n jerrys, and once in a while, when there were a few more of us, we'd all pick out a different gallon and then we'd sit around with spoons and share them all, trading every once in a while. Mmmm... I want some now!
S - Sissy. My brothers have always called me sissy. It doesn't even matter that they are now 21 and 15, they still do, and probably always will :)
T - Well, that's an easy one! It's the first letter of my new last name... But I can't tell you that, silly! The pic is of the cake topper I made for the cake with our monogram on it. Pretty and much less expensive than the one from here. Thanks for the $200 inspiration!
Y - Yippee!!! I say that all the time. And today, I'm saying it cause I finished "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows"! It was so, so good... But now, I'm kinda sad. No more Harry and Ron and Hermione and Ginny???

A - Aunty! I've only been an Aunty for 7 months now, but my nephews may be the cutest babies I've ever seen!
N - Nora Roberts. My favorite author. I read her books like water. Which reminds me... Isn't a new one due out! I've been waiting too long!
N - Not one day (ok, maybe one in a great while) goes by that I don't have coffee. And, I get quite cranky if I don't have any... It's still my theory as to why I'm so short... Doesn't caffeine stunt your growth, or something like that?


She'sSewPretty said...

There is those precious, oh so adorable, boys!! We had so much fun with them last night! Thanks!

Mom2fur said...

Coffee, ice cream and are a girl after my own heart!

Amy Wagner said...

Wow! A fellow RED person. I knew I liked you. Teehee.
My daughter likes Nora Roberts too.

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again! Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment on the little dress!

Oiyi said...

Beautiful picture on the beach! I was sad when I finished the last Harry Potter, too.