Monday, June 18, 2007

Granny Bag

Well, Father's Day was fab... We ate incredibly expensive KFC (when did that happen?!?) and all the boys (step-daddy, hubby and 2 bros) devoured the banana pudding... *smile*

Granny said the afghan square was gorgeous, but not quite the same as her moms, so I guess I have to do some more searching and trying... I loved the square so much, tho... So what's a girl to do but make a new bag? And that girl hopes that her momma will be more than happy to line it when all the crochet is done... hint hint :) I'm going to do 4 squares per side, 2 of the roses and 2 other solid squares in another pattern that I haven't decided on yet (maybe a traditional granny?)... I'll post more details when I get an actual square done :) Here's a sneak peak!


SmurfPop said...

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by at my blog :D Your crochet blankets are delicious, and I love that rose granny square! x

freddie said...

I see you blog is having success, good for you! Well,it's going to be interesting to see all your works.
Ciao from Rome

She'sSewPretty said...

Of course, I will line the bag for you! I like that dark red color.