Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baby Crazy

First off, let me say thank you so much for the warm, warm welcome! This is going to be fun :)

Anyways, so many people that I love have had recently or are having babies. What's a girl to do but crochet and crochet and crochet? This better stop soon or I'll have carpal tunnel by the time I'm 24... haha... I wish I'd taken pics of the first baby blankets I'd ever crocheted for my twin nephews who were born in January, but I didn't... next time we get down to So Cal, I'll try to remember to photograph them... I've made 3 others in the last coupla months... The first was to my friend in HA who had a baby boy in May... I loved the bright colors!

Red Heart Yarn in banana berry print. One big granny square made to about 36" square.

Next, a camo ripply blanky for a friend in the Army whose wife is pregnant and due in September... It turned out too small but momma convinced me that it's the perfect size for a carseat, so small it stays...

It's from Leisure Arts "Our Best Baby Blankets", pattern "Lacy Ripples"... Yarn is Red Heart again in camouflage. It was very easy and quick to work up because it's of all the spaces that make it lacy.

And last, but not least... definitely my favorite so far! It's a blanky for my hubby's friend who is very rock star. I kept bugging hubby to find out if his friend and wifey were having a boy or girl, and when he called, the daddy said, "Well, we're not sure yet, but I'm positive the baby will like the same colors as me... red and black!" So, here's my "Daddy's a Rock Star Blanket"! Atleast that's what I call it... I'm so sorry, but I can't remember where I found the pattern... On the net somewhere... I'll do some research and let you guys know!

Oh... and last night I was thinking of my granny... she was telling me and momma about this afghan her mom had made that had granny squares with roses in the middle... I made block #28 "Christmas Rose" from "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton and if she thinks it's close to the one great-grandma made, maybe I'll make a whole afghan for her for Christmas.


I am Amy Wagner... said...

Love your "blankies". You are very talented! I have been getting to know your Mom through her blog. Glad you have joined the "blog club"... I just started this last springtime. I'm addicted. SIGH
Stop by at Abundant Curiosities

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi I've come over via your mum's blog to say HI and Welcome you to blogland!

You'll find this a place to have a bit of fun, be silly, sad, just plain creative! But and it's a BIG but .... it could get addictive.

By the way you are clever with that crochet, I can't knit or do that to save my life!

I love the Star.
best wishes and pop by me from time to time.

best wishes Ginny (in England)

Mom2fur said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment about my little bag. are an ambitious crocheter! I never thought about making a giant granny square for a baby blanket. What a brilliant idea! All your work is gorgeous!

cinderelly said...

hi christy! i too, came over from your mom's place! i love the rock star blankie! it's great! the banana pudding sounds great too!

andsewtosleep said...

Hi there welcome to blogging. I've met your mum (so to speak) and can see you share her creative talent. Love your crochet - especially the rock star blanket. Mary

Cass said...

Hey that star blankie is WAY cool!!!

Aim said...

wow, you have been a busy girl! Love the star blanket, that is very cool! Welcome to blogland, from Aim at!

Brigitta said...

totally love the block with the rose in it, definately have to order me a book on 'squares' so far I'v only mastered a basic pattern, but I've already noticed that there are loads more!!