Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have a Dilema

Ok, so a few months ago I saw this beautiful vintage table cloth, with these tiny little thread motifs that reminded me of lotus flowers. I immediately thought, "Make it bigger! Worsted weight yarn and COLOR!" So I tweaked the design in my head, came up with something rather pretty and decided it would be the perfect 5th year wedding anniversary present for my bro/sis-in-law. I started making it up and, much to my surprise, hubby actually really likes it! Like, really likes it enough that I think he'd love to have one for himself, and would be a great 3rd year wedding anniversary gift for him... I think the boys like it, too!

So, now what do I do? Make 2 exactly the same? Make another in slightly different colors to give to hubby? Or keep this one and make something different for the in-laws (mind you, it needs to be complete in 3 weekends)?

I'm so confused!


Ellen Bloom said...

Yikes! You've definitely got a dilemma! When does the one for your husband have to be finished?
I say, finish the one you're working on now for your brother and make a slightly different color one for your house.

Maybe for yours you could crochet beige or white motifs in the center and edge with various colors?

Oiyi said...

I would gift this one first and then make another for the hubby.

Han said...

I agree with Oiyi. Gift the first and then make another one for hubby.

~ Dawn Sparks ~ said...

Love it!! I really like your colors, too. Think I would go ahead and gift it, then start on one for hubby...maybe ask if he would like the exact same.

Rima said...

Gift this one. And make one for husband dearest.

Laura said...

Your cats got so big so fast! They're both adorable, especially the striped one!

The table runner is very pretty, and how sweet that your husband loves your crocheting!

Amy. said...

So very beautiful. And I like your kitties too!