Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sneak Peek

I had to have a root canal on Tuesday. My teeth like to forget that they are only 24 years old. It's only June and my dental insurance (double coverage!)is depleted. Hubby and I had to pay $1800 out of pocket and now need to pray that I don't need anything else done until January when both of our policies start over. So, Momma and I decided to work together again. I'm crocheting the above cupcake pincushions to sell in her etsy shop. The beautiful roses on top are hand made by Momma. They're soooo pretty. You can go to her blog for more pictures. More coming soon!


Oiyi said...

Those cupcakes are so sweet looking.

Yikes, that root canal sounds painful (in the pocketbook, too.).

Laura said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! I love the handmade roses! I know what you mean about the rool canal - I had one once too. : ( Here's hoping you won't need any more!

Cindy said...

Root canals aren't any fun, for sure! I love your cupcakes, just like everything else you make! I'm sure glad to read on her blog that your Mom is doing better.